Art of the Future in Colorado Springs

Artists have for a long time been attracted to Colorado Springs, with its amazing terrain and climate. Consequently, artists have grown in popularity over the past ten years. Even though it’s not unusual to hear of a new artist popping in any region, the growing influx of people drawn to Colorado Springs has made a community atmosphere. That’s led to a boom in the area.


When painting in Colorado Springs, the artists use standard materials, most commonly acrylics. The paints come in either semi-gloss or high gloss, depending on the person’s preference. Paintings are then primed, and the canvas is set up. Then the artists and their canvases begin painting!

By making a mural in Colorado Springs, the artists can tell a story in their artwork. This is also a wonderful way to inspire the younger generations to explore their creative side. There is an extensive array of works in the area, from abstract pieces to landscapes.

Many regional artists work with their regional organizations to get their work out there. These groups provide funds for paint, canvases, and more. Artists working with these groups receive help on advertising, making sure the job gets shown, and keeping track of expenses. Some of the groups even take care of marketing themselves!

Artists may have commissions from the organization or occasion they paint for. The commissions are paid on a per-item basis. For example, if an artist works at a local antique store, he or she may have the ability to receive a commission on a vase, or if the artist operates at an event, he or she may be able to get a commission on their own banner, sign, or table service.

Many corporate customers are available to commissioning local painters because lots of them prefer to make art with local artists. That’s why Colorado Springs has become such a draw for artists. Artists don’t even need to move from Colorado Springs to receive a commission, as companies often hire local painters on a regular basis to display art at conferences or weddings.

It’s not uncommon for local artists to receive commissions for both painting and event services. Most of the commissions are modest and can vary from a couple of hundred dollars to several million. When the commission is settled, the painter must find some regular work.

The best way to find out about local Painters Colorado Springs is to ask around. Attend art shows, attend local events, and use word of mouth to discover a painter you like.