Haircuts For the Modern Falks


A haircut is a common term for any cut designed to enhance the appearance of a person’s face. A haircut can be long or short, blunt or not, designed or not, and can be worn long or just on the head itself. Today, there are many different types of haircuts that can be worn by both men and women, though some haircuts are only applicable to one sex. Below are a list of a Haircut Near Me that is only for women:

The Taper Cut. This is a very short haircut where the layers are graduated from the bottom up. When done properly, the layers work together to form a smooth, tapered edge of hair cut. Taper cuts have become very popular with women as it makes their locks look thinner and more delicate. A good taper cut will only need a trim every six to eight weeks.

The Flat Fade. Women who choose to get a flat fade will simply cut hair near the scalp until it is about one inch long then cut it with a small round shaver. Once the hair is about a quarter inch long, a bandage will be applied to protect the area of the hair cut and the hair will be left to grow back. Once the hair grows back a little bit longer, the bandage will be removed and the haircut will be completed.

The Top Knot. This is another great way to keep hair short and simple. In this haircut, the front part of the hair is tied up and secured at the nape of the neck. The back part of the hair is left free and high which makes this type of haircut great for women with long hair.

The Box Cut. This is also known as a side to side haircut where the long hair is cut in a side to side motion with the ends going toward the sides. The front of the hair is cut in a straight line then the ends are brushed toward the sides. This haircut works great on women with thick hair.

The Buzz Cut. This type of haircut usually takes a few visits to a barbershop before it is achieved. A trim, usually blunt, is performed on the hair then the ends are cut and the hair is washed and brushed until the desired look is achieved. This haircut is perfect for women with thin or fine hair.

The Curly Hair Shag. A curly haircut is when the stylist makes long hair curly by cutting it in a side to side motion with the ends falling onto the sides. This type of haircut requires frequent visits to the barber. This haircut is perfect for women with thick hair. A straight hairstyle is not often possible with curly hair.

There are many more haircut types such as the shag, buzz cut, clipper guards cut hair and many others. It can be very confusing to decide which one is right for you. All these haircut numbers can be used as general guides. The best way to choose the right haircut is consulting your barber or stylist.

Short Hair. These are very common haircut for women of all ages. A women with long hair would benefit from a short haircut. It helps shorten the hair and make it look neat.

Clippers. Clippers are the most common tool used by barbers. They cut the hair but do not remove the scalp from the hair. Clippers aid in cutting the hair without removing the scalp. The most popular type of clippers are the rotation blades and the fading blades.

Barbers love this haircut because the haircut gives a woman a defined outline on the face. The haircut also has high market value because of its versatility as a haircut. Since the haircut does not require many visits to the barber shop, the barber can save a lot of money by doing this.

Faded Cut. This haircut is very popular among the younger generation. It is called the shaved cut because the hair is shaven off the top. It has low market value and it is also good for the image of an urban youth. This haircut is recommended for those who want to create a very different look from others.

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