How To Get Verified On Instagram

How To Get Verified on Instagram

If you are an Instagram user and do not have a verified account, that does not necessarily mean that you are not following real people. How to get verified on Instagram could be your next question, after all, the process itself is easy enough to understand. In fact, there is no real secret behind the process of being verified on the popular social media platform. It simply boils down to following the guidelines and doing it correctly as per the Instagram policies and guidelines. Read through the below article or visit this website at for some useful insights into how to get verified on Instagram.

According to Instagram itself, accounts showing the verified badge mean that the social media profiles belonging to that user are the actual online presence of that individual, company or global brand. Simply put, if you see the blue check mark, you can safely assume you are following the Instagram verified account rather than an individual or other non-verified profile as such. This might come in handy for you in the future, so ensure that you keep the account that you are currently using active and complete with all relevant information about the product or service you offer. When you are able to achieve this task, you are well on your way to being verified.

The process of getting verified does not end at the moment of registration itself. The moment that you have reached the required number of likes and followers, make sure that you include a strong and authentic bio in your profile. The bio should not merely be a plain page full of keywords. The description should be catchy, interesting, exciting and most importantly relevant to the item or service you are promoting or trying to market online. The bio should also illustrate who you are as a brand or individual and what your product or service is all about.

How To Get Verified on Instagram has a clear indication of the requirements and guidelines that Instagram deems as being appropriate. The main criteria for being verified is that the user needs to display intelligence, hard work and the ability to create quality content. The best way for you to accomplish all these would be to start including some sort of a logo or graphic of some sort. Once you have made this step, ensure that you include this graphic in your Instagram profile picture as well as the description and tagline. With this said, even a simple, “friends” or “followers” picture of you will do just fine in getting you verified.

Once you are able to reach a level where you can request verification, it is advisable that you seek the help of the Instagram apps to make this a smoother process. There are different platforms that provide this service, but it is advisable that you go through them all before you settle on one particular platform. These platforms include Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. It is important that you get the hang of how the verification works on each of these platforms before you start requesting for verification from Instagram. If you are confused as to which one to use, it is advisable that you use the same service on all of them so that you don’t end up wasting time requesting the verification from different places on the platform.

As soon as your request for verification is approved, you will receive a blue checkmark in your profile showing that you have been approved by the Instagram management team. This will serve as the proof that you need in order to gain the trust and respect that are required from your followers and fans. As soon as this blue checkmark is replaced by the logo of your brand, your account will gain more authenticity and you will become more visible to your followers and fans.

Apart from this, there is a recommended checklist that should be followed to make sure that you are not missed out when making an application for verification. First of all, your account should not be older than seven months. Secondly, you must make sure that all of your accounts are updated with recent and current images and content. Your page should also contain a summary stating what your business does and what it’s about. The summary should also include the name and picture of your brand and the link to your website and Facebook profile. These aspects are highly important if you want to make sure that you get a proper verification.

If your account doesn’t meet the above mentioned criteria, then it’s probably safe to say that you have been impersonated. In this case, Instagram will consider you a spammer and you will be banned from using the platform. In addition, the verification ticked will not be applicable to you will be considered a spammer since you are trying to market your business without the necessary approval from Instagram management. This is why it is crucial that you use appropriate strategies in order to boost your exposure on the popular social media platform. It may be difficult to obtain the numbers of Instagram followers you need to promote your business to the next level, but doing so will definitely boost your online visibility and make it easier for you to market the products and services you offer. So, start making those desired changes and increase the chances of you getting verified on Instagram!